Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Individual Pamphlets + Graphics

The end . . . for now. Issue #12 wraps the story up.

Thank you to all the loyal readers who made this an adventure not only for Ephraim P. Noble, but for me as well.

The project is explained here.

Check back for updates. Ephraim is gone, depending on how you define "gone"...

Here are cover scans for each issue, except for #1.

#2 / "The car stopped in the glow. The tall one cut the engine and got out. The hunchback followed."

#3 / "And yet there were still stray memories that floated up, like small, soft underinflated balloons."

#4 / "What have they done to you, Hutton?"


#6 / "Electric thoughts raced between their heads."

#7 / "Oh, Mary, Noble thought, on the ladder, clutching the clock hand. Oh God Mary."

#8 / (An oversized graphic illustration, only 1/2 shown here, + 1 narrative page) / "Ephraim scans the hall for the terminal door." (SOLD OUT)

#9 (marked as 8) / "You are in deep and dark water now."

#10 (an oversized graphic illustration, only 1/2 shown, w/ text on back--a one-sheet) / "America America is killing its youth."

#11 / "This is like a campfire story, isn't it?"

#12 / "Don't forget the good, Noble." [The final installment]

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